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"Apta Vita, or ‘Fit for Life’ is what I hope to achieve with all of my patients. Whether you’re an elite athlete striving to qualify for a national event, a club runner hoping to beat a personal best, or whether you’re trying to get back to a physically demanding job or even a grandparent hoping to get down on the carpet to play with your grandchildren, I offer a thorough assessment for all. I have a wide range of skills to help you achieve your goals and help you to be fit for the life you choose."

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Services Available 



Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Assessment



Joint Mobilisation



Soft tissue treatment, including massage, myofascial/ trigger point release






Craniosacral Therapy



Strapping and Kinesio Taping



Electrotherapy including ultrasound and compex muscle stimulation



Running Biomechanics Assessment



Sports Specific Rehabilitation



Posture education and Back Strengthening




Price List


Physiotherapy Initial Assessment*          £45

Physiotherapy Follow-up*                      £35

Physiotherapy Initial Concession*           £40

Physiotherapy Follow-up Concession*     £30


*The price is the same for all of the services listed above.


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Covid - 19 Update as of 15th June 2022


Guidelines for healthcare have recently been updated, so that wearing of facemasks are no longer compulsory when entering the clinic. You are welcome to wear a facemask if you would prefer and your physiotherapist will still be wearing one. 


Whilst every effort is being made to reduce the risks of coronavirus transmission, including thorough cleaning between patients, a very low risk still remains with face to face appointments. You will be asked to sign a consent form to confirm that you understand such risks and are happy to go ahead with the appointment.


Since there are still cases of coronavirus in the community we do ask the following:

*Please use the hand sanitizer in the reception area or wash hands on entering the clinic.


* Please try to arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time.


*If you fall in to a high risk category in relation to Covid-19, or are unable to wear a mask, please contact me by telephone and we can discuss the risks and where necessary set up a telephone or video consultation.


*It is important that you do not attend the clinic if you or anybody in your household is suffering from the symptoms of coronavirus, such as fever, cough or altered sense of taste/smell.